3 Secrets to Keeping Your Employees Happy

Without the help of a team, your company would be either...

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Without the help of a team, your company would be either stagnant or non-existent. That’s why you should let your current employees know how important they are to your business.  

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners don’t work alone. Truth is, they have a strong team of partners and employees to work and enjoy the company’s successes with. Your team should be your right hand, and the only way to keep members united is by making sure they love to work with you.  

Simple actions such as rewarding good work, offering surprises and overall letting your employees know they’re valued in your company can go a long way in reducing turnover rate and building a strong foundation. After all, happy employees are productive employees. 

Here are three secrets to keeping your employees happy.

Create an engaging workspace

Even when something isn’t their area of work and responsibility, ask for your employees’ opinions in different departments and value their input. Collective employee participation is what develops a sense of ownership in the workplace, meaning they’ll realize they’re an essential part of the company as a whole instead of just someone you’ve hired. 

Moreover, working daily in a company will inevitably help them recognize flaws and deal with customer complaints, making employee engagement indispensable for company growth. Keep that in mind. 

Contribute to employee productivity

You can’t expect your employees to do their best if you don’t give them the best to work with. Let’s see an example: 

If your employees are call center agents, their job is to give every customer a fast and personalized experience by keeping tabs on multiple channels at once. Your job is to reduce their workload by providing them with an effective call center software. 

Boosting the agents’ morale with an outbound call center software that they can easily manage is what will improve customer service, thanks to the optimization of outbound calling campaigns and a list of different dialing options. These advantages will save everybody’s time, as agents won’t need to dial numbers manually or leave voicemails. 

Aside from improving customer satisfaction, innovative solutions will result in more empowered and happier employees. It’s mutually beneficial. 

Appreciate your employees’ hard work (and show it)

You don’t need to say “thank you” to say thank you. Truth is, perks and bonuses are even better than two meaningful words. 

A Forbes article offers insights from psychologist Ron Friedman on how to keep employees happy, and the tips include positive experiences and occasional rewards. Google offers its employees free food, and it’s no wonder why it ranked first on Fortune’s 2015 list of the Best Companies to Work for.

We’re aware that not all companies have the same budget as Google. Therefore, when your employees knock it out of the park, there are a few simpler (yet not less significant) ways to make your staff happy:

  • In-office happy hours
  • Comp days
  • Gifting a Christmas light necklace to every employee during the holidays
  • Letting everyone dress up on Halloween
  • A surprise “lunch is on me” day
  • An unexpected great trip
  • Casual Fridays

None of the above ideas involve a raise or a promotion, but employees will appreciate it, nonetheless.

Be creative and make sure not to let victories slip by, no matter how small they might seem. Great work should be recognized. When you do it, your team will not only look forward to the next perks but strive to do their best every day. 

A professional but fun and engaging workplace contributes to motivated employees who can deliver their best work at all times. Recognition and rewards aren’t synonymous with wasted time–instead, they’re equivalent to employee retention, satisfaction, and greatness. 

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