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This site provides news and insights about the legal profession’s most important development, as well as original commentary on breaking business news.

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We are a professional legal and business guidance publication founded in 2014 by Gene Colan, a 20 year veteran of the legal field. He has over two decades of in-house legal experience. He was an associate at a large St. Louis-based law firm, and went on to serve on several advisory boards and board of directors. He has also written several books, and acted as consult with corporations and law firms. He is available for business and legal coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements. As a leader within the legal profession and writer, Gene had a pull to develop a resource that offered a behind-the-scenes look at the world of law and business. What began as a passion project developed into this publication that provides news, insights, and professional advice.

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Our staff of experts sources, creates, and follows key legal and business news and events to produce sharp and insightful comment on today’s legal landscape. Are you interested in joining our team? 

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