Common Health Issues After an Auto Accident

Car accidents happen on a daily basis. Some of them end...

the engine of a car

Car accidents happen on a daily basis. Some of them end up just being fender benders, some result in injuries, and others are, sadly, fatal. Often after a car accident, if people feel fine, they exchange information about their insurance companies and head home to rest and find out what it’s going to take to fix their cars.

If you’re in a motorcycle accident or an accident in another vehicle, you may think that you’re fine, but there are common health issues that show up as a delayed response, often 24 hours after the crash occurs. Whether you’re a motorcycle rider or driving a car, it’s best to be checked out by the paramedics, or at least your doctor, no matter how small the accident is. In this article, you’ll find a few of the most common health issues that rear their heads after a car crash or motorcycle accident has occurred.

Hearing Loss


In an auto accident, your ears can suffer injury in a few different ways. The first is the sound the airbag makes when it explodes on the impact of a serious crash. The sound of the airbag can damage the structure of the ear. There are other ways that the crash could damage your ears as well. If you’re suffering from hearing loss because of a crash, it’s best to have a hearing test to determine the extent of the damage and treatment options, before you have to have a hearing aid for the rest of your life or suffer permanent hearing loss that could have been prevented. You can schedule an appointment to see an audiologist or do an online hearing test to determine if you need to see the audiologist as well.



There can be many reasons that you have a headache, from migraines to stress and even sinus pressure. However, if you’re experiencing a headache that won’t go away after a car crash, then you need to be seen by your doctor to get medical care. Headaches are one of the most common health issues after a car accident, but they can lead to a serious injury if you have a concussion. Usually, a headache from a crash will go away on its own unless you have a blood clot, a concussion, or an injury to your neck or head. If your headache persists, it’s best to be examined out by a trained doctor, just to rule out any serious issues.



Another extremely common health issue associated with car accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is a pain in the shoulders and neck and may not present itself immediately after your car crash. The pain can start right away, the next day, or sometimes even a few days after the accident. If you are experiencing pain in your shoulders and neck after a car accident, you should make an appointment with your primary health care provider for diagnosis and treatment. If you’re checked out at the scene by paramedics, they may be able to make that call as well, but it’s still best to follow up with your doctor.

Don’t ignore the symptoms.


While you may be able to walk away from a crash with no issues whatsoever, if you start to experience symptoms the next day or a few days after, don’t ignore the signs. Some of these health issues, while they are common, can be fatal if ignored, so if you have any of them, you need to get help from your doctor right away.

These are just a few of the common health issues people experience after an auto accident. Remember, you need to see your doctor for a checkup after an accident whether you are hurt or not, just to be on the safe side.

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