How to Move On From a Personal Injury

Some people are naturally resilient, quickly moving on from whatever situation...

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Some people are naturally resilient, quickly moving on from whatever situation life may throw their way. Others, however, can be quite impacted by their traumatic experiences, needing time to heal from that which has affected them. One major source of trauma that many suffer from is a personal injury, something that can impact all areas of one’s life. If this is something that you’re currently dealing with, let’s take a look at how you can move on from a personal injury and reclaim your life.

Find someone who can help you deal with the impact of your injury.


Personal injures can vary when it comes to severity. If you’re someone who has been deeply affected by the negligence of another, your injury can cost you in multiple areas of your life, whether that be financially, psychologically, or even physically in the short-term or over the long-term. As someone who has had to deal with these effects because of another individual’s actions, you may be seeking out compensation so as to cope with what damage has been done.

If this is something that holds true for you, the best course of action to take is to seek out the help of a local personal injury lawyer (a quick Google search of “personal injury lawyer in Raleigh North Carolina” will do the job). With the right attorney by your side, you can hold the individual or individuals responsible for the pain and suffering that has been done to you. Although it won’t reverse this damage, it can help you with your medical bills as well as any time spent away from work or damage was done that impacts your ability to work or function. If your injury is someone else’s fault, this is one of the most important first steps to take when you’re attempting to deal with and successfully move on from a personal injury in your life.

Consider starting over as a way to move forward with your life.


Personal injuries can cause major trauma that seems to linger around us. Once you begin to recover, you may feel a sense of stagnancy and sadness, especially if you’ve been seriously injured to the point where you may not be able to live your life in the same way you once had. That being said, that doesn’t mean that you have to give in to the impact that your personal injury has had on you. Instead, you should look for ways to get a fresh start. Some ideas to help you jumpstart this process include:

  • Working with a therapist: It can be difficult for us to move forward when our emotional baggage is weighing us down. In order to move past your personal injury, you first have to acknowledge, process, and accept your emotions. Let yourself feel everything that may be going through your mind and try to come to terms with your new reality. This can obviously be a major step to try to tackle on your own, so it may be helpful to reach out to a therapist to guide you along your journey. Once you can master your emotions, you can begin to truly live your life.
  • Ask yourself, what you want out of life: Traumatic events can force us to evaluate our lives and how we want to live. Set some time aside to ask yourself what you want out of your life. What do you need more of or less of? Have you been living authentically and, if not, what does living authentically look like for me? What do you really want to be doing with yourself and how can you create a plan of action that will allow you to get there? Although you may currently feel trapped in the past, you can always create a new future for yourself.
  • Find new things that bring you joy: Both during the time that you’re recovering from your injury as well as after, it can be helpful to find new activities and hobbies that help you find joy in life and keep you sane. With just a little bit of creativity and a lot of searching, you should be able to find new things to do that bring you joy and help you move forward from your current situation.
  • Consider moving somewhere else: In some cases, we don’t just feel trapped in our situation but in the place where our trauma has occurred. While this suggestion won’t be great for everyone, one way you could truly move forward is to move somewhere else. A fresh start in a new town can oftentimes be a refreshing reset that allows us to live our new lives. That said, finding a new place with little warning can be a difficult feat to accomplish. Consider turning to a real estate company like Venterra Living to help you find your new space. With their upbeat, helpful support, you can easily look for a new place to call home and begin your fresh start!
  • Seek out your motivation or purpose: Many of us live our lives without taking the time to evaluate our motivation or purpose. Given that a serious injury can be especially eye-opening, take the time to figure out what is your motivation or your purpose. Discovering what it’s that empowers us to move forward and live life to the best of our abilities can provide us with direction, especially if we’re feeling lost at the moment.

You don’t have to let your personal injury dominate your life. Instead, use the tips above to get the fresh start you need to move on.

Look for ways to rebuild anything you have lost in the process.

Personal injuries can take plenty of things away from us. Whether this is our peace of mind, our ability to move around as we once did, or even our security (in one form or another), the key to moving on is being able to reclaim that which our injury took from us. But what might this look like?

  • Reclaiming your confidence: If an injury has caused any changes to your physical appearance. You may be feeling less than confident or attractive. To move forward, you must reclaim your confidence. Take some time to appreciate your body and fall in love with the things about you that haven’t changed. If you want to improve your confidence externally, you may want to invest in new wardrobe items like belts for women and other accessories that help you feel better about yourself. Whatever you need to bring your mindset back to where it should be, do it!
  • Getting back your peace of mind: Trauma has a way of making us feel less secure, especially if we’re avoiding certain places or people that remind you of the event. Try to find ways to begin to be able to approach these things so that they no longer have control over you. Although it’s right to be scared of things, it’s important to develop the courage needed to get your security and peace of mind back.
  • Finding your happiness and joy: If you’ve been affected by depression after your accident, it can take the joy out of your day-to-day life. Besides seeing a therapist to deal with these symptoms, look for ways to reignite joy in your life, and return you to the positive state you were in before the accident took place.

A personal injury can have a massive impact on your life, but the after-effects don’t have to linger and prevent you from moving forward. If you’ve been impacted by another’s negligence and want to be able to get past the event, use the tips above to help you move on from your personal injury and start your life anew.

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