Out with the Old and in with the New: Tips for Moving House

Moving is a huge undertaking, and it is one of the...

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Moving is a huge undertaking, and it is one of the most stressful life experiences a person may go through. Forutnently, there are things you can do to make a move run smoothly and reduce stress. The key is to have a plan going into the move and then following through with that plan.

Here are a few ideas for what should go into your moving plan.

Walk through your new home.


Do a thorough walk-through of the home before moving day. Often, people are so excited to move that they schedule a moving day for the same day they get the keys to the new house. While you may be under a time crunch to get out of your existing house, taking one extra day for a walk-through can make a huge difference. For example, this may be the first time you will see your new home empty and without the contents of the previous owner. This will allow you to determine exactly what room will be for what, so you can direct the moving process quickly by room. If you have several people helping with the move, you can even put up signs by doorways letting people know what room it will be.

A walk-through will also allow you to identify problems you may have before moving in. For example, are you experiencing signs of a refrigerant leak? Are there holes in any of the walls that you overlooked previously? Are any carpets beyond cleaning and need ripped out before you bring in all of your furniture? Check the air conditioner, HVAC system, thermostat, and storage spaces. Walking through the house, do you hear any weird hissing or knocking noises? Do you feel dizziness, shortness of breath, or nausea at any point? Identifying these problems before you move all of your stuff in will allow you to address them quickly and make your move easier.

Purge your excess.


Moving is the perfect time for a purge. During the packing process, carefully go through everything you own and decide to keep it at the new house. Anything that you are not fully committed to keeping should go before the move. This will help you tremendously in the long run as you move less and deal with less clutter in the process. Clutter is a common problem, and getting rid of it will free up a lot of space.

Cut down on moving day chaos.


You can cut down on moving day chaos by being hyper-organized before moving day. Make sure all of the packing is done and everything is ready to transport. Have every box labeled with room names that match the room names you posted during the walk-through. If there are limited parking spaces at the new house, you may want to rent one large truck with a lot of room to move everything at once.

If you have many seasonal stuff or items that you aren’t sure if you will keep, you can put them in storage before moving day to cut down on the chaos and give yourself more time to think. If your new home doesn’t have much storage space, you can save on storage by signing a long-term lease on a storage unit to keep your seasonal or outdoor items. If you are moving during the cold months, you may need a storage space until summer, when you can get a shed or other outdoor storage space installed.

Take what help you can get.


Moving to a new home is not the time to turn down help. Whether it’s friends or family, accept a hand from anyone willing to lend a hand. The more people you have helping on the say of the move, the faster you will get it down. Once everything is in the new house, you can start unpacking right away or only unpack the essentials and take a break. Do what works best for you to cut down on chaos and stress.

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