What Is Real Estate Syndication?

Real estate investing is a powerful addition to any portfolio. Real...

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Real estate investing is a powerful addition to any portfolio. Real estate investors are able to harness unique dividend returns in the form of rental income, and with it, they often build increasingly strong portfolios of varied assets. Real estate offers a unique approach that simply can’t be found in other investment opportunities. With the help of a mortgage loan, paying for a small portion of the investment and then using the profits to pay off the loan balance can generate consistently increasing equity in a property that typically rises in value over time. The dual-action profits that real estate can provide make for some of the best returns in the entire investment space.

Getting into the market isn’t always so straightforward, though. Many younger investors are often hesitant to pump a significant portion of their savings into a single commodity holding. Not every real estate deal will initially pay out profits, so shunning the principle of diversification in favor of buying into a single investment property isn’t always the wisest decision you can make as an investor. However, there is another approach to the real estate market and one that investors like David Lindahl often cite as a great early step into the property market. Investing with a syndicate is a great way to gain a share of the profits on a real property asset without having to put up the full amount on your own.

Real estate professionals and novices alike rely on tools like syndication and the lessons that it can impart.


With the help of a real estate investment professional, like David Lindahl, finding the information you need to get started in the property market—either through a syndicate as an early investor or with your own individual holding—is simple. David Lindahl is an investment professional with years of experience putting together real estate deals. He specializes in commercial properties and multifamily real estate. These units are often some of the best performers in a portfolio of real property assets because they can be leveraged multiple times. An office building can house multiple businesses at once, and so too can a multifamily property that sees a number of unique tenants occupying each unit in the building.

David Lindahl has started offering his expertise in podcasts and audiobooks, as well as through seminars and boot camps. Bringing some of the literature and investment advice that professionals like David Lindahl and others have created into your approach is the best way to hit the ground running with your first deal in the real estate world.

David Lindahl, and virtually every other professional real estate investor, knows the value of different approaches to the property market. Through this approach, anyone can get into real estate and take advantage of the lucrative dividends that this investment asset class produces on a consistent basis.

Syndication is a fast and effective way to start in real estate.


Real estate syndication provides a viable means of entry into the market for any type of investor. Instead of saving up and purchasing a home on your own that can be used to create dividends in your portfolio, you bundle your resources with other like-minded investors in order to purchase multiple assets in the real estate class. Each investor is essentially buying “shares” of the enterprise, and this equity is invested directly in real property that you play an intimate role in managing. Syndication boosts your investment power by pairing your capital with that of others who are in the same situation.

Oftentimes, syndicates will hire a property manager, or elect the most experienced among them, in order to ensure that the properties they’ve invested in are consistently well cared for and continue to produce great dividends.

Many stock brokerage accounts now offer fractional shares as a common way to get in on many of the more expensive company stock opportunities. Real estate syndicates offer the same general approach to the real estate space. Consider this opportunity if you are new to property investing and want a new and exciting opportunity for immense asset productivity.

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