What Tools Do Successful Companies Use?

It’s common knowledge that businesses and technology can hardly be separated...

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It’s common knowledge that businesses and technology can hardly be separated nowadays. Companies, irrespective of their sizes, use various technologies in various aspects of their business operations every day.

Many of these technologies are helpful tools that are assisting entrepreneurs in running their businesses in the most efficient and productive ways. These tools are automating business processes, saving time, reducing operating costs, and providing many other services. Many entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for insights into the specific tools that successful enterprises use in their daily operations. And that’s precisely what this article seeks to address. Below are essential tools used by today’s thriving companies.

Customer Support Tools


Since customers are the heartbeat of businesses across industries, the best companies are increasingly investing in customer support tools for their service teams. This way, they can oversee customer interactions in real-time, guaranteeing customer satisfaction in the process. While phone calls and SMS remain popular, organizations invest in customer service software like Zendesk to integrate with their CRM systems to support their customer service teams. Enterprises whose customer service teams work through call centers can also invest in remote call center solutions to deliver better customer support. Reliable call center software brands such as Bright Pattern have a range of virtual solutions.

Bright Pattern provides an innovative call center solution specifically designed to allow businesses to decentralize their call center operations. This virtual call center solution is cloud-based and can readily accommodate remote agents. It delivers the benefits of a traditional contact center solution while providing extra benefits of the flexibility gained by using remote workers. You can recruit talent from any geographical area, flex during low or peak times, and deliver quality customer service to clients worldwide. You can even monitor all of your remote agents’ interactions, thanks to their AI-powered, built-in quality assurance. This way, you can ensure that your remote call center agents deliver top-notch customer service no matter their location. What’s more, businesses enjoy uninterrupted continuity when disaster strikes. This is possible thanks to call logs and intelligent routing that ensure that calls reach the right agents in the right areas while providing admins access to comprehensive reporting.

Hiring Software

The hiring process is crucial in all industries, as it’s essential to recruit the right employees who can drive your organization forward. As such, thriving businesses invest in quality hiring software that helps them conduct the necessary resume verifications, drug screening, credit checks, among others, ensuring that hired employees don’t end up as liabilities. The best options have mobile-optimized workflows and are user-centric, helping you hire better and faster. Also, since appointments and interviews are vital to the hiring process, you can invest in software that eliminates manual scheduling, making things easier for your hiring team. Trusted interview scheduling software brands such as GoodTime have created smart solutions that can increase the efficiency of your hiring process.

Scheduling interviews typically slows down recruitments to fill open positions. GoodTime makes scheduling interviews more convenient because candidates can self-schedule their appointments, thanks to automation. As such, the hiring process is streamlined for your interview team. The platform syncs up your availability with the appropriate candidates, allowing you to schedule interviews efficiently and have meaningful conversations with them. You receive real-time analytics and insights into your interviewing process, helping you hire the best talents as efficiently as possible. What’s more, you benefit from intelligent interviewer selection and can empower your recruiters through in-depth interviewer training.

Task Management Tools

Large and successful businesses are often the major patrons of these tools, as they help business owners manage many tasks simultaneously. However, even small enterprises can benefit from using task management tools in their operations because it’s likely that your business will expand in the coming years. Task management tools allow you to assign duties and effectively follow up on whether these duties have been completed on time. Also, you can monitor your employees’ progress in real-time, so you don’t have to continually call and ask whether or not tasks have been completed. Many successful businesses use task management software at various stages of their operations. Reputable gold mining companies such as Alamos Gold are examples of such companies.

An intermediate gold producer based in Canada, Alamos Gold diversifies their production from three operating mines in North America. These mines include the Young Davidson and Island Gold Mines in Northern Ontario and the Mulatos Mine in Mexico. Besides running mines in Canada and Mexico, several projects under development in Turkey are made possible by Alamos Gold, Turkey. The company’s CEO, John McCluskey, remains committed to building better local communities through excellence in sustainability. As such, Alamos Gold Inc pre-pays for reforestation to combat deforestation resulting from any of its activities.

Various tools are available to modern businesses that they can use to operate more efficiently. The above-listed points are some examples of these tools that successful companies use in their operations.

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