What You Need To Do To Pass State Board Inspections

If you’re in the hair and beauty business, you know that...

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If you’re in the hair and beauty business, you know that passing your state board exams is an essential part of being a salon owner. However, if you’re new to the beauty world, you might find yourself wondering what exactly that means and how you can prepare appropriately. If you’re found to be in violation of one of the state’s guidelines, you could end up with a hefty fine. More serious and repeated violations could end with you losing your license to operate entirely, so it’s essential that you’re educated and proactive about creating a safe and sanitary environment. If you’re newer to the business or aren’t sure how state board inspections work, read on to learn more about what your salon or barbershop needs to do in order to pass state board inspections.

What are state board inspections?


State board inspections for salons and barbershops allow the state to ensure that your business is following all the legal regulations for your area and that there are no health or safety violations that are taking place on the premises. They are typically performed annually, though additional inspections are sometimes performed in response to a complaint or concern about a specific barbershop. Passing these inspections is required if you want to maintain the license for your business and be able to stay open. The length of time between inspections and facility license renewals is set by the state, so you’ll need to look up the laws in your specific location if you want to know how often to expect to need to go through the process of having your business inspected. While many require annual inspections, backlog and bureaucracy can make it a challenge to perform those yearly inspections in some areas, so it’s incumbent on responsible salon owners to continue to self-inspect and self-correct when they notice rule violations in addition to working with inspectors.

A good way to create less work for yourself later is to use high-quality vendors to obtain the goods, services, and accessories you need for your business. Do your research when you decide on everything from which electrician to hire to what type of barber chairs to buy. Barber chairs can seem expensive, but finding an affordable price on an excellent barber chair with a hydraulic base and a luxurious footrest isn’t impossible. Think about how much time each customer spends in one when they visit the salon. If comfort and repeat business are important to you, and they should be, invest in durable and well-made barber equipment, and you won’t regret it.

What does a salon need to pass?


There are several things your salon or barbershop will need in order to pass. First, there are required forms and postings that your business must have visible at all times, like your facility license, most recent inspection report, and current operator licenses. You’ll also be expected to demonstrate that your place of business meets all applicable health and sanitation standards. These standards include things like ensuring single-use items are properly discarded, monitoring sanitation procedures for implements used in the shop, and monitoring the disposal of things like hair and other waste.

There are also several requirements for facilities that your business must have, like restrooms with hot and cold running water that are clean and in working order. There are also restricted products and practices, but those vary state by state, so you’ll need to check your local guides. Walls, floors, and furniture should also always be clean and in good condition. If any issues that need to be resolved require construction, don’t waste time in investing to solve the problem. Look for a local business like CMK Construction and talk to a contractor about the work that needs to be done in advance, instead of waiting to hear about it during an inspection. Once your inspection is over, the inspector should go over the results with you and ask for a signature, and then you’ll typically have the opportunity to explain and correct any flaws within a certain period of time.

While it can be stressful to have a state board inspector come to your salon, as long as you’ve taken the time to ensure your business is compliant with all your state and local laws, there’s no reason to let it cause you anxiety. There are plenty of simple steps you can take to prepare yourself for the state board inspection and there’s no excuse for not being familiar with everything your state requires from a business owner operating within the beauty or cosmetology space. It’s always a good idea to become familiar with the regulations and self-inspect prior to a state board inspection so you can resolve any issues in advance. Take good care of your salon and the peace of mind will be worth it with the state inspector comes around.

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